Juice Bar

  BY Olga Nemiroff   30 March 2016

If you decide to walk to the the Duomo area and you get hungry, but do not want to sit in a pass-through sections with all the tourists? Perhaps, then I advise you to turn onto a small side street, not far from the La Rinascente, because that is where you will find a wonderful place with rather unusual food. During lunch you'll find yourself in the company of businessmen, design students and local fashionistas. Café offers a large selection of salads with unusual ingredients, but if you do not like to experiment, the café gives you a chance to make a custom-made meal. Large selection of sashimi and sushi rolls will vary your diet. For the dessert, expect to have fruit salads or muesli with yogurt and berries. Also, do not forget to take a cappuccino, which will be served with frozen yogurt. In addition to everything, you can enjoy your meal in an open air, because the Juice Bar cafe is situated on the side of the street.

translated by Anastasia Ostapenko