Isola dei sapori

  BY Polina Ferari   30 March 2016

We are discussing the Tuscan wine and our favorite variety of oysters with an Italian friend.
Half past seven, according to the local tradition is too early for a dinner, but we had already come to the fish restaurant «Isola dei sapori» on via augusto anfossi, 10, and boldly went inside.
We meet a waiter and he welcomes us into a marine style interior and a pleasing color combination of muted blue and hazel.

A selection of snacks is replete with seafood dishes and several types of carpaccio. I order oysters, Fine de Claire.
For the first menu, they offer several kinds of pasta, risotto and noodles. But I go straight to the second.
The menu has a beef, fish in the presence of sea bass, bream, flounder, and dorado.

While I am waiting for the Sicilian dorado (orata alla siciliana), I carefully overlook my location. The old maps, barometers, city attractions are hung on walls. They didn't look interesting without historical books and glass partitions filled with wine bottles. The hall was filling with visitors, a pleasant audience of mixed age.
Dinner time is coming to an end, and I move on to dessert. I order a portion of something easy to choose sorbet with mango, apple or lemon.

I and my friend happily say goodbye to the waiter and for another hour stroll on the street, arguing about what is better to drink with oysters and whether there is a red wine that can work with them. The experience led us to the conclusion that everything is possible.

35-40 Euro per person
11:30-15:30; 19:00-23:30
translated by Anastasia Ostapenko