Where to smoke hookah in Milan?

  BY Ruslan Telemtaev   13 May 2016

Hookah Bar Imperator

Obviously, smoking hookah is not common in Italy. Most hookah bars here are tourist oriented and the price almost never matches the quality. However, there is one place we can easily recommend. The Middle Eastern atmosphere in the hookah bar, Imperator, takes you away from the fast-paced rhythm of the fashion capital somewhere to Istanbul. The owner, Murad, brought all supplies from his native Turkey. The Turkish hookah costs only 15 euros. Everything in this hookah bar creates a relaxing and joyous experience.

Excellent staff, friendly atmosphere, and a high-quality service are, at least, three reasons why hookah bar "Imperator" deserves your attention.

Address: Via Panfilo Castaldi, 26

Web-site: www.imperatornarghilemilano.com


Hookah Bar Noor

Unfortunately, to find a good hookah bar in Milan is not so easy. Noor Lounge - comfortable, cozy, with the relaxing Middle Eastern interior will definitely make your senses melt. What is particularly cool about this bar is that you can enjoy your hookah with a plate of food even at 2AM. The price of hookah is 25 euro. The average bill is around 40 - 50 euros.

Address: Via S. Carpoforo, 7

Web-site: www.noormilano.com

translated by Anastasia Ostapenko