Velasca Tower - a fortress in the center of Milan

  BY Ruslan Telemtaev   16 May 2016

Velasca Tower - one of the most famous skyscrapers in Milan. It is located in the heart of Milan at Piazza Velasca 5. It was built in the 1950's by the team of architects: Banfi, Belgioioso, Peresutti, and Rogers.

The Velasca Tower represents a new generation of Italian modern architecture executed in minimalist and urban styles. The skyscraper's height reaches 106 meters. It has an unusual 'mushroom' form, which impresses with its power and significance. Velasca has 26 floors - 18 on the bottom and the 8 on the top. The lower portion is filled with shops and offices, the top - with apartments. The design of this building was inspired by medieval fortifications and castles - a modern interpretation of a typical Italian medieval watchtower, an impregnable bastion towered high above the ground. The 'medieval' skyscraper is decorated with pink marble grit and golden stone trimmed panels. It stands out from the general urban setting with its substantiality. The Velasca Tower particularly striking from the rooftop of the Duomo Cathedral.

translated by Anastasia Ostapenko