Top places in Milan, which you have to visit if you have a Russian soul

  BY Ruslan Telemtaev   25 June 2016

Maybe you're tired from Italian food or daily routine and you want to add a Russian spark to your life, then these places are for you.

1. Shop "Kalinka"
One of the largest Russian stores in Milan, where you can find buckwheat, vodka, and black caviar. A large selection of gifts, russian movies, and anything that can remind you of Russian spirit. The store is located at 40 Via Boscovish.

2. Restaurant "Podkova"
If you want Russian cuisine, then you can safely go to the restaurant "Podkova", because only here you can find a famous Russian cotlet "po-kievsky" and "borsch". The restaurant is located at the Chiesa Rossa 25 Via Della.

3. Davai Bar Milano
Sometimes Russians, who live in Milan, cannot find places that remind them of their motherland. But in Milan, there is a place that you will love. An exclusive "Russian Standard" vodka bar, called Davai Milano is located in the Brera district. Bartenders mix alcohol so skillfully that you may not notice how many drinks you drank. The idea of ​​this bar is that all cocktails are made on the basis of vodka "Russian Standard".

4. Russian spa "Royal Spa Milano"
Of course, after shopping, walks, and excursions in Milan you should rest. This can be done in the Russian spa located at Via dell'Unione 16, which opened recently, but became quickly popular among locals and visitors of Milan for its convenient location and a variety of cosmetic services.

translated by Anastasia Ostapenko