Top low cost airlines

  BY Sergey Kazakov   22 March 2016

Search and book tickets online becomes increasingly popular. There are dozens of ways to book a plane ticket with an attractive price: you can find promotions and sales on the airline's website or use one of the most popular reservation systems. How to find the best deal for the desired date?

We compiled a list of low cost airlines, so that you could find the best flight deals for travel around Europe.


Lowcost airline "Victory"

Lowcost airline "Victory" started to sell tickets on flights Moscow - Milan. One-way ticket price starts from 40 euros.

The company's aircraft will land at the Bergamo airport, which is 100 km from Milan. Carrier offers the opportunity to buy a ticket with included shuttle to the Central Station (Milano Centrale).

Book tickets on the official site.


Lowcost airline Ryanair

First European-low cost airline Ryanair was founded in 1985. It has grown into the largest economy airline in Europe and one of the most reliable. It operates 1,400 flights a day in more than 160 destinations in Europe and Morocco.

One of Ryanair obvious advantages is that the company offers quality service at very low prices. It is possible to transport two pieces of luggage, 15 kg each (see their website for specific dimensions). Be careful to comply with their rules since it might cost you 20 euros - for every extra kilogram. The first luggage costs € 15 when registering online and 35 in the airport check-in, the second - 35 and 70 euros respectively.



easyJet - Britain's largest airline and the second largest low-cost airline in Europe. An extensive air fleet of the company makes flights to 134 destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa. Special attention should be paid to environmentally-friendly airline policy. easyJet does not print paper tickets and passes on paper recycled tickets, prefers direct flights to reduce emissions, and so on. Check-in bags shouldn't exceed 275 cm in dimension and weight no more than 20 kg. Exception - sport and medical equipment, but, due to security reasons, no baggage should exceed 32 kg in weight. The cost of one checked-in baggage is 12 to 22 pounds (about 17 and 28 euros, respectively). We recommend to order and pay for this service online. If to register a luggage in the airport, one bag will cost a considerable amount of money from 32 to 45 pounds (45 and 63 euros, respectively). Excess baggage will cost 40 euros (online) or 50 euros (at the airport) per kilogram.

translated by Anastasia Ostapenko