Sending the parcel with travelers

  BY Alina Borghese   28 March 2016

If you need something to be delivered or transferred, but you don't want to spend a fortune on delivery to your native country or city of destination, then do it with the person who goes there. In this article, we would like to offer you several ways to deliver your packages. There are a few popular services that allow to contact with tourists and arrange a package delivery. These services work very simple. You only need to create an application for the delivery of goods and the system will connect you with people who might help you with the delivery.

"There? There!"

The people's mail delivery, There? There!, helps to deliver packages and purchased goods through other travelers.
Do you need a delivery help?

Make space in your luggage work for you! Assist with the delivery and receive a reward in return. You can meet at the airport and obtain your reward money for the delivery service. In addition, you will definitely receive a portion of positive emotions.


translated by Anastasia Ostapenko