Monza - a treasury of Lombardy

  BY Ann Balakhnova   6 June 2016

Monza - a city, better known in literary circles due to a story shared with the world by the brilliant Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni in his novel "The Betrothed". Also, this city is very popular among auto-motor sport fans. Here is located the Autodromo Nationale Monza - the legendary auto-motor track, for long considered the fastest in the world. Every year, the Italian Grand Prix of Formula 1 is held there.

A bit about the history of this city. Monza - one of the five largest regions in Lombardy. Monza is located in the suburbs of Milan, on the Lambro river. During the Italian wars, the city withstood several sieges and was ravaged by the troops of Charles V. Even today Monza has many preserved sights among them: the Museum of treasures, the ancient cathedral, the royal residence, chapel and theater, as well as the royal gardens, and a library for the blind. Monza is located in just 20-minutes drive from Milan. And it's a great opportunity to visit another city near Milan that is full of history and beautiful places.

What to see?

Basilica Cathedral, the Duomo, was built in 595 by Queen Teodolindoy. Its highlights are campanile 1592-1606 and a white as well as green marble facade made by Matteo da Campioni. The museum of the Cathedral houses relics from the time of Teodolindy and other medieval rulers, as well as the iron crown of Italy, which was used for coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1805 in the capital of Italy - Milan. Thirty years later the temple was expanded: appeared side chapels and apse; the façade was completed.


Royal Villa, built in the style of Neoclassicism under the project of Giuseppe Piermarini for the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand, who held the title of Duke of Milan.


Now, the palace houses many art exhibitions. Here, at the royal villa, you can enjoy a stroll through a huge garden, which was previously used for hunting, visit the greenhouses and the incredibly beautiful rose garden, as well as arrange a friendly or romantic picnic in the park of Monza that is located nearby, and perhaps take a ride on a hot air balloon.


  • Hall, Arengario - a monument typical to the XIII century, with a tower built a century later. Here, you can stroll through the area and look into the shops, there are not many, for me, it is a center of the whole city.
    PS. If you suddenly get hungry, then I highly suggest you to take a look into the Neapolitan restaurant "Trattoria Caprese". The most delicious Neapolitan pizza, slim and incredibly tasty will be on your plate. For a moment you will feel the atmosphere and flavor of Southern Italy.

    Monza is a real 'treasure trove' of architecture, a city rich in history, a city where there is no place for rush and chaos. This is the place where you want to return again and again to wander through the streets and admire the beauty of this great city.

translated by Anastasia Ostapenko