Iloby- новый взгляд на социальные сети

  BY Alina Borghese   30 March 2016

In the era of total worship to the Internet, people spend more time on the web, which means that the media and social networks have to respond to the ever-growing user expectations and requirements. It should be said that they succeed. However, the time spent browsing networks robs us of the chance to live our real lives, replacing it with notorious correspondence and conversations in a virtual world. What to do to find the line between a real life and a virtual-reality? The answer will be a new social network - Iloby.
You may ask, what is so unique about Iloby? First, it is not just a virtual space. It goes far beyond the world of 'the Internet', due to the unique bracelets that identify Iloby user from the crowd. Each bracelet contains a personal identification code of its host, which cannot be forged. That eliminates fake page. More to this, this bracelet is a symbol not just of a new social network, but also involved into something truly "elite". The resource saves all of your contacts from other social networks, but allows you to upload only one photo per day, without overloading the space.
The fashionable social network is already appreciated by many public personalities including Milan soccer players from the Inter and AC Milan clubs. Do you agree that they cannot be wrong, isn't it?
More than 200 thousand people have already joined the fashionable and absolutely exclusive social network, what are you waiting for? Join us!

На фото: Маттео Дармиан(Manchester United)

На фото:Карлос Бакка(AC Milan)

На фото: Сесилия Родригез(showgirl)

translated by Anastasia Ostapenko