On the first Sunday of every month - selected Milanese museums are free of charge

  BY Sergey Kazakov   16 May 2016

If you exceeded your budget but want to keep up with a local way of life then give your wallet a 'rest'. On the first Sunday of every month, you have a unique opportunity to visit a number of selected museums for free. This is a great news for people who like to enrich culturally without any need to overspend. Keep in mind that only municipal museums are free.


1. Basilica of Saint Ambrose (Basilica di Sant'ambrogio)
Dedicated to the patron of Saint Ambrose of Milan. It is one of the oldest churches in the city and the finest example of Romanesque architecture in Milan. Basilica of Saint Ambrose is well preserved, thanks to numerous restorations. In its historical importance it can only be placed after the Cathedral of Duomo.

Address: Piazza Sant'Ambrogio, 15

Free entrance: on the first Sunday of every month

photo credit: http://www.in-lombardia.it/documents/12454/88179/ID273_Basilica-di-Sant'Ambrogio_Milano_01_(Fotolia).jpg/2d5ff701-a5bd-4b3a-803b-450164832dc9?req_name=Basilica-di-Sant%27Ambrogio,-Chiese-a-Milano


2. Castle Sforza Museums

After the unification of Italy, the Sforza Castle for many years was used as a military base. Today, it contains seven museums: the Museum of Ancient Art; Art Gallery - Pinacoteca Sforza Castle; Museum of Musical Instruments; Egyptian Museum; Archaeological Museum; Museum of Applied Arts.

Address: Piazza Castello, 20121 Milano

Free entrance: every Tuesday from 14:00-17:30; Wednesday-Friday from 16:30-17:00 and on the first Sunday of every month

photo credit: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/01QVF-J6E_Q/maxresdefault.jpg


3.Acquario Civico di Milano (City Aquarium)

The City Aquarium is located in a stunning Art Nouveau building on the edge of Sempione Park next to the Civic Arena. After renovation, the building was re-opened in 2006 with new exhibition spaces showcasing the maritime world and fishing trade.

Address: Viale G. Gadio, 2
Free admission: Every Tuesday from 14.00 and on the first Sunday of every month

photo credit: http://www.meteweekend.it/images/mete/italia/lombardia/milano/509/volta-...


4.Museum of Natural History (Museo Civico di Storia Naturale)
The Museum of Natural History is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Milan. It was officially opened in 1844 on the site of the old church. Permanent collections were moved to the current location, the public gardens of Porta Venezia, in early 19th century. It regularly hosts exhibitions and other events, which are of great international importance. However, it's mainly known for its permanent exhibits on paleontology, mineralogy, zoology, botany, and entomology.

Address: Corso Venezia, 55

Free entrance: on the first Sunday of every month

photo credit: https://plan.ever.travel/uploads/post/cover/787/big_landscape_27314793.jpg


5. Museum Boschi Di Stefano

The Museum Boschi Di Stefano opened to the public in February 2003 - once inhabited by the couple Antonio Boschi (1896-1988) and Marieda Di Stefano (1901-1968). About three hundred masterpieces were selected from more than two thousand artworks donated to the city of Milan by the couple in 1974.
The collection of paintings, sculptures, and drawings is an extraordinary testimony to the history of twentieth-century Italian art.

Address: via Giogio Jan, 15

Free entrance: on the first Sunday of every month

photo credit: http://www.interdema.com/media/anettel/blog/gallery/0/3/03.casamuseojpg.jpg


6. Morando Palace with Costume and Fashion exhibition
An amazing combination of Milanese fashion, art, and history. The first floor of a luxurious palace exhibits a collection of paintings, sculptures, and interior from XVII-XIX centuries. The second floor houses more exclusive exhibitions about the history of fashion and its effect on the development of textile industry, costumes, and accessories in Italy.

Address: Via Sant'Andrea, 6

Free entrance: on the first Sunday of every month

photo credit: http://italy4.me/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Costume_Moda_Immagine_1.jpg


7. Gallery of Modern Art (Galleria d'Arte Moderna)
The gallery is located in an elegant building, the Royal Villa, built in the XVIII century. At the heart of the museums is a collection of paintings donated to the city of Milan by Marquises Folyani. Later, this trend was followed by other collectors. The museum owns a rich collection of Italian paintings, for example, paintings by Antonio Canova and Umberto Boccioni as well as by French artists such as Gauguin, Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, etc..

Address: via Palestro, 16

Free entrance: on the first Sunday of every month.

photo credit: http://zero.eu/content/uploads/2015/08/ubs-collection-dont-shoot-the-pai...


8. Archeological Museum
The museum is located in the former convent of San Maurizio, based more in the VIII century. You can learn about the Lombardian history and culture as well as od the whole Northern Italy. The museum houses a large collection of ancient weapons, household items, glassware, and jewelry.

Address: Corso Magenta, 15

Free entrance: on the first Sunday of every month

photo credit: http://www.interris.it/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/musei-milano.jpg


translated by Anastasia Ostapenko