Filippo Turati - the untold story of a hero

  BY Ruslan Telemtaev   6 June 2016

Filippo Turati - Italian journalist and politician, one of the founders of the Socialist Party.

After graduating from the University of Bologna, Turati moved to Milan,, and a few years later he co-founded the Socialist Union of Milan with his companion Anna Kilishevoy and established the magazine "Critica Sociale". In 1892, he became a part of the Socialist Party of Italian Workers, later referred to as the Italian Socialist party. Turati is known as a poet whose works bear social notes, he advocated for the unification of the working class and democratic movement in a struggle against the dictatorship of Francesco Crispi.

Turati opposed the Italo-Turkish war in Libya  and against Italian entry into the World War.

In the parliamentary elections of 1919 the Socialist Party won. In 1922, he was expelled from the Socialist Party and, together with Giacomo Matteotti, founded the Unitarian Socialist Party. In 1926, after the capture of the Italian fascists, he fled to Paris, where he organized "United Antifascist Action" in 1930 advocated for the unification of the Socialists.

Filippo Turati died on March 29, 1932 in Paris. In October 1948 the remains were moved to Milan and buried in the Monumental Cemetery in Milan. In his honor, the metro station in Milan was called "Turati".

translated by Anastasia Ostapenko