Arco della Pace

  BY Ruslan Telemtaev   28 April 2016

Arco della Pace is located in the heart of Milan near Parco Sempione, opposite to the Sforzesco Castle. Construction of the Arco della Pace began in 1807 by Napoleon, after he became the first President of the Italian Republic. In this arch he tried to showcase the greatness of his victories, when he triumphantly entered the city. Architect, who realize the dream of the king, is Luigi Kanola.

Kanola began to build the Arch but, after the expulsion of the French from Italy, had to stop the process. Construction continued in 1826, thanks to the Francis the First, who decided to reflect on the course of history after the fall of Napoleon. It was completed only 12 years later. The name, Arco della Pace, means peace. It perfectly complements the green lawns and trees in the Sempione Park. It is one of the main attractions in Milan.

translated by Anastasia Ostapenko