CCC - Coffee, Cigarettes, Cosmo

  BY Olga Nemiroff   9 April 2016

I live in Milan for a long time and, as many residents of this city, I already have a plan for the best day of the week - Sunday.
Most events are over, cocktails are drunk on Friday and Saturday, dresses are in the dry cleaning and the phone is finally on silent mode. I still wake up early and put on sweatpants A&F instead of a black dress, sunglasses instead of makeup, New Balance sneakers instead of high-heels. This day, almost half of Milanese look the same. Every Sunday I go for a brunch to the "Corsia del Giardino" on via Manzoni. On the way there, I buy a Cosmo, Vanity Fair, or Vogue latest magazine releases. The Corsia del Giardino - the best place where you can spend your Sunday afternoon. In the courtyard, the atmosphere predisposes you to drink a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette, and read one of the magazines. I try to devote at least one day a week only to myself. In addition to the coffee, I buy a buffet blood orange juice and a brioche. Many people still sleep at home, but I'm going for a walk in the Brera district. Along the way, I visit different design shops, then pause near the Accademia di Belle Arti and merge with local students on the high steps. I smoke a cigarette, again. Later, I turn into a small alley on the Via del Carmine and get to the beautiful Catholic Church, Chiesa Santa Maria. Through the prism of black sunglasses, I watch the flow of people who enter the church for the Sunday worship, hoping to let go my own Friday/Saturday sins. My journey continues, the final stop - Parco Sempione. There, I finally finish reading my magazine while many Italians come out for a run after a Saturday hangover thinking that sport will save them from tons of drank cocktails.
Try to arrange the same Milanese Sunday morning and I hope you'll enjoy it.




translated by Anastasia Ostapenko