Pharrell Williams in Milan

  BY Ruslan Telemtaev   12 May 2016

Pharrell Williams - American singer, rapper, record producer, musician. He produced many hip-hop hits together with Chad Hugo. Besides, he is a vocalist and a drummer in the funk-rock group "NERD" with Hugo and Shay Haley. Pharrell Williams, also, performs solo. In 2003 he debuted with a single "Frontin". In 2006 he released the album "In My Mind" that followed by releases of "Seeing Sounds" in 2008 and the "GIRL" in March 2014.

As a member of The Neptunes, Pharrell produced a huge number of hits for variety of megastars. On July 12th, Pharrell Williams will perform in Milan.

translated by Anastasia Ostapenko