Agreement and Rules

Welcome to the Milan.Today website - online portal that contains information about current events and activities taking place in Milan.

It is possible to use the Milan.Today website only under certain conditions set in the User Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of our agreement, you should immediately discontinue use of this website. By using it indicates that you agree to the terms of this User Agreement.

1. Terms and Conditions

1.1. For the purposes of this User Agreement the following terms have the following meanings:

- Website - Internet portal, located on the web at Also, refers to the software, website design, database, any section (subsection) of the website as well as the information published by the Website Administration and users.

- Website Administration - A group of individuals who have exclusive rights to the website, including the right to the name of the domain and administration of the website.

- User - a person who passed the registration procedure and received an individual login and password as well as created his own profile. For the purpose of the User Agreement, the user who did not pass the registration procedure still has an access to the website. Any individual accessing the website automatically confirms fully in accordance with the provisions of this User Agreement. That implies respectful and responsible behavior toward the requirements set in this User Agreement.

- User Profile - a special sub-section of the website, which includes a personal information about the user as well as other information, which can be published only by the user.

- Personal User Information - any information provided by the user during registration or during the use of the website including: the user's personal data, IP-address of the cookie information, information about the user’s browser as well as other information about the user. All of this is automatically transmitted to the Website Administration in the process of usage of the website.

- Information - any information provided by the user or the administration on the website, including personal information, links to other websites, any text messages, and other files.

- Database - a collection of information published to the website. All information published on our portal, as well as a selection and location of the information, is the intellectual property of the Website Administration.

2. Subject and general provisions of the User Agreement

2.1. This User Agreement (further the original Agreement) establishes the rules and conditions on the use of our website and publication of the information - represents a contract between the User and the Site Administration, which replaces all prior agreements between the user and the Web Site Administration. When any information is placed on the website you should be guided by these rules.

2.2. Access to the website, use of the website, and any other additional actions performed on our website confirms that the user accepts and agrees to comply with all provisions of this Agreement. User Registration on our web portal is possible only in accordance with this additional User Agreement.

3. Registration on the website

3.1. In order to gain access to all features on the website, a user must complete the registration process:

- finish a series of consecutive actions to fill the registration form, which result in the registration and the user receipt with a personal login and password information necessary to access all the features on the website:

3.2. The user agrees to provide true, accurate, and complete information about himself on the registration form. If this information changes, the user agrees to correct it as soon as possible. The user agrees that the Site Administrator generally does not verify the accuracy of a personal information and does not control the legal capacity of the user.

3.3. The Site Administrator has the right to block and delete a user profile followed by a refusal of access to the whole or part of the website without further explanation, in the case of violation of conditions of the Agreement by the user or if the user provides false information.

4. Login to the website

4.1. Individual login and password is required for authentication on the website and is provided individually to each user.

4.2. Individual login and password allow access to the areas of the website that are accessible only to registered users as well as the personal page of the website.

4.3. The user is solely responsible for the password safety and for any consequences that may result from unauthorized and/or other use.

4.4. User is obliged to immediately notify the Site Administrator of any unauthorized (not authorized by the user) activity in the personal account on our website. Login and password should be kept confidential for your safety.

4.5. The Web Site Administration is not responsible for any loss or damage of the information that is due to user’s violation of the provisions of this part of the Agreement.

5. Personal Information of the User

5.1. The Web Site Administration provides all organizational and technical measures to protect user’s personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, and other illegal actions of third parties. However, it might happen that the personal user information may become available to others as a result of a website malfunction, virus or hacker attack, technical problems, and other circumstances. In this regard, the user understands and agrees that he will not make a complaint to the Site Administrator.

5.2. The user agrees that his personal information in the user profile is public and any other user of the website may be familiar with it.

5.3. You agree that the Site Administration collects, stores, and performs other actions in the processing of your user data for the following purposes:

- Communication, including sending notifications, requests and information concerning the use of the website, services, processing of requests, and orders from the user;

- Improving the quality of the website and development of new services;

- Drawing up a database of the website users.

5.4. By posting your personal information to the website the user provides this information voluntarily to the Site Administration.

5.5. The user agrees not to post misleading personal information and the personal information of other users.

5.6. The user can at any time change (update) personal information or part of it.

5.7. Personal information is processed by the User Administration of the website during the term of its allocation.

5.8. The Site Administration is not responsible for the use of user personal information by third parties, including user information that was transferred to the Site Administration.

6. Placing information on the website

6.1. By placing the information on the website, the user warrants that it has all necessary rights to post information to the website.

6.2. The user agrees, while using the website:

not to post and not to send through the website the following information:

- libelous or humiliating information that threatens the dignity of the third parties;

- violation of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties;

- violates the rights of a citizen to privacy and public order;

- promotes discrimination against racial, ethnic, sexual, and religious backgrounds, social status and sexual orientation;

- promotes and calls for a change in the constitutional system, the outbreak of war, religious conflict, racial or ethnic hatred, attempts to foment hatred or incitement to violence, infringing the rights of minorities;

- contains pornographic content or other offensive material;

- contains extremist material;

- do not distribute through the website computer viruses or any other computer codes, files, or programs designed to interrupt, modify, block, destroy, or limit the functionality of any computer, telecommunication equipment, programs for unauthorized access as well as serial numbers for commercial software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords, and other means to gain unauthorized access to the website as well as to other paid resources on the Internet;

- do not disrupt normal work of the website;

- do not distribute and use any computer software robots ("spiders"), or other automatic algorithms and methods aimed at the "pumping" (collection), illegal transfer, copying, blocking, modification, destruction of information and databases directed to circumvent the restrictions imposed by the Website Administration in the website’s settings.

- do not place or further use the information on the website protected by the legislation on intellectual property (including, but not limited to, any patent, trademark, copyright and/or related rights), and other legally protected information without appropriate rights and permissions from the copyright owner of such information. In the event of a dispute, the burden of proof that the provided user information does not violate anyone's rights, is carried out by such user;

- do not post any advertisement to the website;

- do not place website links to other Internet resources;

- do not distribute spam, ‘chain letters’, the system of Internet earning scheme ‘pyramids’, a multi-level marketing or an e-mail business;

- do not create more than one profile;

- do not make any actions through the website aimed to receive money, regardless of the excuse;

- do not promote the use and do not induce the use of narcotic and psychotropic substances, do not to engage in prostitution through the website;

6.3. The Web Site Administration only allows registered users to post information to the website and use its services. The Site Administration is not responsible for the accuracy and legitimacy of information published by users on the website.

6.4. The Site Administration does not check and does not have the technical possibilities to check all information posted by the user to the website, for its compliance with legal requirements and the provisions of this Agreement.

6.5. The Web Site Administration has the right to refuse to post, remove, or edit any information that the user provided to the website, without any additional explanations.

6.6. Reference to any websites, products, services, or any information of commercial and non-commercial nature published or advertised on the website is not an endorsement or recommendation of these products (services) by the Site Administration.

7. Use of the Website

7.1. Use of the website by the user is permitted only in accordance with this Agreement and as provided by the technical capabilities of the website.

7.2. Holders of the posted information are the Site Administration, registered users, and third parties.

7.3. The Web Site Administration is a legitimate right holder that holds all the exclusive property rights related to the website, including, but not limited to, software, graphics, design, and the website database.

7.4. Any information posted to the website by the user belongs to the user or the relevant third party. By posting the information to the website, the user confirms that he has all the necessary power and authority over the information provided.

7.5. By placing the information to the website, the user is automatically, free of charge, unconditionally and irrevocably provides the Web Site Administration non-exclusive rights to the use of such information on the web, without limitation at the discretion of the Site Administration, including, but not limited to, reproduction, copying, selecting, organizing, converting, modifying, editing, translating, publishing, dissemination of such information (fully or partially) by any legal means. Also, by placing the information on the website, the user confirms that he has all the appropriate rights and authority to grant the Site Administration listed above non-exclusive rights to use and placement of information. The Website Administration has the right to use relevant information both with the author’s name and without it (as the name of the author in this case will be referred to the name (alias) customers indicated when registering on the website or in the profile settings of the user ID). The Web Site Administration has the right to transfer all the rights listed in this paragraph to third parties.

7.6. Users are not allowed (unless permitted by the website services) in any way to modify, copy, delete, save, pump, distribute, transfer, sell, post, and otherwise use the information posted to this website (except the information that has been lawfully placed on the website by the user).

7.7. Users are allowed to use their personal information or any other information contained on this website only for non-commercial purposes.

8. The function of the Website and responsibility in its use

8.1. The Website Administration is trying to ensure the proper functioning of the website around the clock, but the administration of the website shall not be liable if there are any irregularities in the website use for any reason.

8.2. The Web Site Administration does not guarantee that the information contained on the website will be available at any time or will not be deleted, or lost. The Site Administrator is not responsible for errors and delays in the website functioning as well as for possible consequences of such failures and delays.

8.3. The Site Administrator is not responsible for any leakage of information from the website database for any reason, including, as a result of unauthorized actions by third parties.

8.4. The Site Administrator is not responsible for the presence of viruses on the website as well as for possible consequences of user’s computer virus infections or infecting the user's computer with other malware. The Website Administration provides to users the site ‘as is’ without any additional guarantees.

8.5. The user undertakes, at their expense, to settle any disputes and claims made by third parties, the regulations and requirements of the authorized state bodies received concerning the user, in relation to the placement of user information to the website, and also to compensate for all losses and expenses incurred by the Web Site Administration in connection with such claims and lawsuits.

9. Additional terms

9.1. All the disputes between the User and the Web Site Administration will be solved through negotiations. If you are unable to resolve disputes and differences through negotiations, then your concern shall be referred to the appropriate court at the location of the Web Site Administration.

9.2. Personal agency relations, partner relations, relations on joint activities, relationships, personal hiring, or any other type of relationship, are not provided by the User Agreement.

9.3. If for one reason or another, one or more provisions of this Agreement shall be held invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.

9.4. Inaction on the part of the Web Site Administration in the event of a breach by the user or other users in the provision of the Agreement does not preclude the administration of the website the right to take appropriate action to protect its rights later and does not mean the failure of the Site Administration on their rights in case of similar violations.

9.7. The original Agreement is made in Russian. In case of discrepancies between the Russian version of the Agreement and the Agreement version in another language, the Russian version of this Agreement shall apply.

9.8. This User Agreement may be amended by the Administration of the Website at any time without any notice. The new version of this Agreement shall be applied upon its publication to the Milan.Today website.