About us

Sergey Kazakov - creative director, working with partners and advertisers, founder of the Milan Today

My name is Sergey Kazakov. I'm 21 years old. I have been living and studying in Milan for 1,5 years. Every day I love this city more and more ... Help!!! At the same time, I study in the Moscow State University specializing in the ITRE "Information Security in Telecommunication Systems" (5 year) and attend graduate school in the Politecnico di Milano specializing in Computer Science. Education, of course, is important, but when you are given the opportunity to live in another country, you simply cannot resist!

Milan Today was created in order to "fill" your life with meaning in Milan. You will always be on the same page with us and aware of all the latest news and events in this city!

A little about myself: I am persistent, hard-working, responsible, sociable, active, and creative person. I am the leader and led many projects and dubious organizations. So, the experience goes without saying.

It seems, that`s all.